Liquid Bio-Products

Liquid Bio-inputs are special liquid formulation containing not only the desired micro-organisms, but also special cell protectants or substances that encourage formation of resting spore or cysts for longer shelf life and tolerate adverse conditions. This technology is an alternative solution to Carrier based Bio-inputs and it is not the usual broth culture from the fermentor for mixing with the carrier.

Currently in commercial production dormant technology is followed, where generally Growth suppressants, Contaminant suppreesants, fungicides, insecticides, etc., are used for long term viability. But these formulations is particularly not suitable for Microbial organisms whose fast actions are required immediately for crops. When applied in crops it takes prolonged reactivation time.

ELBITEC has adopted a new technology in liquid formulation, a process which involves arresting of bacteria or Fungus without preservatives.

Basic concept of Liqid formulations :
There are 4 basic concepts in Liquid formulation,

  • To stabilize the Microbial organism during production, distribution and storage.
  • To easily deliver to the field in the most appropriate manner.
  • To protect the Microbial organism from harmful environmental factors at the target site (Field), thereby increasing persistence.
  • To enhance activity of the organism at the target site by increasing its activity, reproduction, contact and interaction with the target crops.

Advantages of Microbial based Liquid Bio-inputs :
The advantages of Liquid Bio-inputs in the light of drawbacks of Carrier-based Bio-inputs are given below :

  1. Better shelf life - A shelf life of 1 to 2 years, making them more attractive commercial proposition.
  2. No effect of high temperature, as dispensed in cyst or spore forms.
  3. Dosage fitting in the farmers' mindset - 2 ml per litre of water was the dose advised which the farmers regularly use for other inputs.
  4. Identified by typical fermented smell.
  5. Microbes being in cyst or spore form, multiplication is arrested and the same generations reach the farmers, which are tested in the laboratory. No loss of properties due to sub-culturing.



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