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Elbitec is currently manufacturing and marketing complete range of Bio-inputs and natural plant based inputs for agriculture.

ELBITEC range of Bioinputs are biologically derived ecological Bioinputs for catering the needs of soil & crop for enhancing premium quality crop yields by maintaining natural fertility of the soil by minimizing diseases or pest attacks to the crop. The application of Elbitec Bioinputs first commences with the soil and then followed up with foliar spray on the crop. The philosophy of

ELBITEC is to energise the soil & crop for enhanced productivity. On this scenario, ELBITEC range of Bioinputs as a Humus Builder, Growth Promotor, Growth Regulator & Health Protector is produced in various categories viz: Biofrtilizers, Biocontrollers, Biopesticides & Natural plant based Growth enhancers, Fungicides & Pesticides for feeding the Soil and as well as catering the Crop in each stage, right from the germination of the seed and upto ripening & fruiting.

Upon application of Elbitec Bioinputs :

  • The soil is energised and the rejuvenated soil increases microbial metabolism & releases tied up nutrients.

  • The plant quickly absorbs all active ingredients leading to formation of vital DNA & RNA.

  • The root system of the plant strengthens vigorously for giving the plant better access to nutrient supplies.

  • The cell activities of the plant is enhanced within the plant, maximising the growth from germination to ripening, resulting in healthy plants that resist pests & diseases and produce premium quality increased farm produce.

Benefits of Elbitec Range of Bioinputs :

  • Increases premium quality crop yields

  • Restores & maintains soil's natural fertility

  • Guaranteed uniform plant growth & maturity

  • Chemical residual free farm produce

  • Increases resistance to drought, frost & disease

  • Enhances cell activities from germination to ripening

  • Increases the taste, flavor & shelf life of the produce

  • Reduces the usage of Chemical fertlizers and pesticides


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