Liquid Herbal Potash absorbent

Potash is very important nutrient. The need of potash in agriculture is satisfied by application of murate of potash or sulphate of potash. Potash is abundantly available in the soil and generally ther is no need for its extra application. The need, however, arises because of incapability of plants to absorb enough potash from the soil. This is due to loss of elasticity and turgidity of roots. PHYTOBioK is a plant derived liquid extract for enhancing the absorption of potash from the soil. When sprayed on leaves, activates the vital energy, improves the elasticity and turgidity of roots and creates vacuum in stem and leaf. It also creates more space in roots enabling cationanion exchange between roots and soil. Due to increase in the ion exchange capacity of the roots, cations larger in size like K and Ca, Mg, Zn, Fe are easily absorbed by the plants.

  • It improves the plant's resistance towards pests.
  • It increases the sugar content of the fruits.
  • It increases the shelf life of the yield.

Minimum 2 years.

Regular packing available - 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt.
Based on specific requirement packing can be done in 5, 20 & 50 Lits.

Foliar application :

  • Mix PHYTOBioK at the rate of 1ml per 1Lt of water, with required quantity of water for 1 acre and spray evenly over the foliage.
  • The first spray can be done between 15 to 30 days after sowing or planting.
  • The spray can be repeated at the time of flowering, fruiting ang sugar formation.
  • PHYTOBioK can be included during the spray of other growth promoters like PHYTOZYME, PHYTONITE or PHYTOSILI.



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