Liquid Herbal Nitrogen absorbent

Nitrogen is a very important Nutrient required in the plant kingdom. It is main factor of plant growth. Nitrogen is converted into amino acids and then into proteins. Nitrogen is absorbed by the plants through leaves photosynthesis and from soil throuhg the roots.

PHYTONITE is a herbal based liquid Nitrogen absorbent containing activated plant extracts which induces Nitrogen absorption capacity of leaves and roots. It increases nodule formation on roots and hence increases the number of Nitrogen fixing bacteria around root zone through which availability of Nitrogen is increased. It reduces the requirement of Nitrogen by 50% through non-organic sources, but it is not a complete replacement of Nitrogen fertilizers. It also indirectly helps in avoiding formation of watery tissue in leaves and reducing susceptibility to pest attack.

Minimum 2 years.

Regular packing available - 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt.
Based on specific requirement packing can be done in 5, 20 & 50 Lits.

Foliar application :

  • Mix PHYTONITE at the rate of 2ml per 1Lt of water, with required quantity of water for 1 acre and spray evenly over the foliage.
  • The first spray can be done around the 30th day of sowing or planting.
  • The spray can be repeated at times when the plant has symtoms of nitrogen deficiency.
  • PHYTONITE can be included during the spray of other growth promoters like PHYTOZYME, PHYTOBioK or PHYTOSILI.



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