Liquid Botanical pesticide

It is a Botanical Biopesticide derived from plant extracts like Neem, Karanj, Mustard, Aloevera, Chillies, Garlic, etc.intended for application as a preventive agent to protect the crops from possible pest attacks and allowing the plant to grow in a healthier way. It controls pests like Moths, White flies, Aphids, Beetles, Thrips, Hoppers, Grubs, Mites, Shootborers, Stalk borers, worms, etc.. This product has been developed keeping in mind and to strengthen the belief “Prevention is better than Cure”.

  • Protects crops from pests.
  • Effectively controls pests than the conventional chemical pesticides
  • Do not leave harmful residues.
  • Environmental friendly & have no adverse effect on soil or plants or humans or animals.

Minimum 2 years.

Regular packing available - 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt.
Based on specific requirement packing can be done in 5 Lits and 20 Lits.

Foliar application :

  • Mix PHYTOPROT at the rate of 2ml per 1Lt of water, with required quantity of water for 1 acre and spray evenly over the foliage.
  • The sprays should be done immediately upon occurance of pest and can be repeated once in 25 days.



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