Liquid Herbal Silica absorbent

Silica is a very important nutrient in the plant growth. Silica plays a very important role in various chemical and biochemical processes of plants. Silica is present in the soil as sand bound to carbon. There is no need to supplement the soil with silica unless specifically required.

PHYTOSILI is a plant derived natural silica absorbent for enhancing the absorption of silica from the soil. When sprayed on the plant, it helps in increasing silica absorption from the soil. Silica gets deposited on the cell walls and leaves become rough and more green due to more absorption of solar energy, which ultimately increase photosynthesis activity. There is also extra hardening of the surface. This improves the defence mechanism and hence fungal mycelia, bacteria and even insects are not able to penetrate the surface.

  • It improves germination of seed in next generation.
  • It reduces lodging of plants.
  • It prevents transpiration of water in summer.
  • It increases number of productive tillers in monocot plants such as paddy, sugarcane etc.
  • When regularly applied may reduce the use of pesticides. It may also reduce the pest and disease attack by 60% to 70%.

Minimum 2 years.

Regular packing available - 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt.
Based on specific requirement packing can be done in 5, 20 & 50 Lits.

Foliar application :

  • Mix PHYTOSILI at the rate of 1ml per 1Lt of water, with required quantity of water for 1 acre and spray evenly over the foliage.
  • The first spray can be done between 15 to 30 days after sowing or planting.
  • The spray can be repeated if required once in 30to 45 days.
  • PHYTOBioK can be included during the spray of other growth promoters like PHYTOZYME, PHYTOBioK or PHYTONITE.



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