Liquid Triacontanol

PHYTOTRIA is a liquid Triacontanol derived from plant sources for application as plant growth Bioenhancers for all crops. Using PHYTOTRIA in combination with other naturally occurring growth hormones, the effect is considerably magnified in yield and as well as in quality of the produce. When sprayed on the crop, the photosynthesis action increases which stimulates the growth of plant cells, thereby resulting in better plant growth. Increases the uptake of fertilizers & nutrients and promotes the activity of the naturally present enzymes & hormones which attributes to healthy plants and increased yield. It is nontoxic and eco friendly.

  • It increases the Photosynthesis action of the leaves which stimulates the increase of Plant cells thereby better Plant growth.
  • It increases the uptake uptake of fertilizers, nutrients and water thereby better healthy plants.
  • It promotes the activity of naturally present enzymes and hormones, thereby better yield is obtained.

Minimum 2 years.

Regular packing available - 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt.
Based on specific requirement packing can be done in 5, 20 & 50 Lits.

Foliar application :

  • Mix PHYTOTRIA at the rate of 1ml per 1Lt of water, with required quantity of water for 1 acre and spray evenly over the foliage.
  • The first spray can be done between 30 to 45 days after sowing or planting.
  • The spray can be repeated if required once in 30 to 45 days.
  • PHYTOTRIA can be sprayed separately or along with PHYTOZYME.



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